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Directory submission is a practice in seo (search engine marketing) where a website is submitted to on-line directories or catalogs. These directories categorize websites based totally on their area of interest or enterprise, making it less difficult for users to discover relevant statistics. The cause of listing submission is to increase the visibility of a internet site on the internet and enhance its search engine ranking.

Directory submission can be done manually or using computerized gear. In manual submission, the website proprietor or a representative submits the website to various directories through supplying details along with the internet site URL, title, description, and applicable keywords. Automated submission equipment streamline this system by using submitting the internet site to a couple of directories concurrently.

Directory submission was a commonplace search engine optimization practice in the past, but its effectiveness has dwindled over the years due to modifications in seek engine algorithms and the upward push of different search engine optimization techniques. However, it is able to still be a part of a broader search engine marketing approach, specially for area of interest directories which might be especially relevant to a internet site’s industry or target market. It’s essential to choose first-rate directories with excessive area authority and relevance to ensure that listing submission contributes undoubtedly to a website’s search engine marketing efforts.

Types Of Directory Submission Sites:

There are numerous types of listing submission web sites, each serving one of a kind purposes and audiences. Here are some not unusual kinds:

  1. General or Web Directories: These directories be given submissions from web sites throughout diverse industries and classes. They normally categorize websites based totally on topics like commercial enterprise, schooling, health, etc.
  1. Niche Directories: Niche directories focus on precise industries, pursuits, or geographic places. They cater to a centered audience inquisitive about a specific area of interest, which includes tour, technology, or nearby corporations.
  1. Local Directories: Local directories listing agencies or offerings within a specific geographic location. They assist users locate nearby organizations, eating places, stores, and other offerings close by.
  1. Article Directories: Article directories take delivery of submissions of articles or blog posts on numerous subjects. Authors can submit their content material to advantage exposure, backlinks, and visitors to their web sites.

5. Blog Directories: Blog directories listing blogs primarily based on classes or topics. They help bloggers attain a much broader target audience and enhance their weblog’s visibility.

  1. Software/App Directories: These directories listing software applications, cellular apps, or tools. Developers can put up their merchandise to growth visibility and downloads.
  1. Social Bookmarking Sites: While now not traditional directories, social bookmarking websites allow customers to put up and percentage hyperlinks to net pages. They can help growth traffic and visibility for web sites.
  1. Paid Directories: Some directories require price for submission or offer top class capabilities for a charge. Paid directories may also provide faster approval times, better visibility, or additional promotional possibilities.

It’s crucial to choose directories which can be relevant to your website’s area of interest, have desirable domain authority, and comply with exceptional practices for search engine marketing. Avoid low-nice directories or people who interact in spammy practices, as they are able to damage your website’s recognition and search engine optimization efforts.

500+ Free Directory Submission Sites In India

1. https://www.ukinternetdirectory.net/

2. https://somuch.com/

3. https://www.dizila.com/

4. https://www.qualityinternetdirectory.com/

5. https://www.siteswebdirectory.com/

6. https://onecooldir.com/

7. https://linkorado.com/

8. https://www.fruity-directory.com/

9. https://www.ecobluedirectory.com/

10. https://justdirectory.org/

11. https://craigslistdirectory.net/

12. https://www.onemilliondirectory.com/

13. https://www.seoseek.net/

14. https://angelsdirectory.com/

15. https://alive-directory.com/

16. https://www.usalistingdirectory.com/

17. https://www.usawebsitesdirectory.com/

18. https://www.businessseek.biz/

19. https://www.britainbusinessdirectory.com/

20. https://activdirectory.net/

21. https://quicklinks.net/

22. https://tagshub.com/

23. https://alabamaindex.com/

24. https://www.bluesparkledirectory.com/

25. https://www.sites-plus.com/

26. https://www.traveltourismdirectory.info/

27. https://www.piseries.com/

28. https://www.brownedgedirectory.com/

29. https://webglance.com/

30. https://morefunz.com/

31. https://vine8.net/

32. https://gcast.info/

33. https://www.blpdirectory.info/

34. https://webdirectoryphil.com/

35. https://faviconstyle.com/

36. https://www.pr8directory.com/

37. https://www.propellerdir.com/

38. https://worldweb-directory.com/

39. https://www.canadawebdir.com/


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