MDH and Everest

MDH and Everest

MDH and Everest

Since its inception in pre-independence India MDH has left an individual mark on the nation’s culinary landscape. The story of MDH is not merely one of these Spice companies but a Saga of reserverance passion and pursuit of excellence. MDH faces its roots back to the early 20th century when the mahashay chunnilal Gulati the founder’s birthday a humble journey to bring the flavour of India to every household. Beyond its commercial success, MDS has remained deeply rooted in its social and cultural ethos.

Everest masala’s emergence in the Spice Market significant development in the industry challenging established players like MDH and shaping consumer preference. Everest Masala differentiated itself by offering an innovative and diverse range of a Spice glands catering to a wide spectrum of regional and international tastes. Everest Paradise customer satisfaction and engagement leverage feedback channels and consumers inside to refine its product offering and marketing strategies.

Both MDH and Everest masala have faced delegation and controversies regarding the quality or authenticity of their product. Complaints regarding adulteration to inconsistent flavor have surfaced over the years raising concern about consumers’ safety and reliability of the spice they purchase. The rivalry between MDH and Everest as Hopten is filed legal area with both brand filling laws so tell legal complaints against each other. The rivalry between MDH and Everest masala has had a repelling effect on the broader Spice industry influencing market dynamics and consumer behavior.

There is an ongoing controversy about which MDH’s Madras curry powder, sambhar masala and EVEREST fish curry masala have pesticides ethylene oxide in high amounts which is carcinogenic and can lead to various types of cancer. Also, Everest fish curry masala was found to contain the pesticide ethylene oxide classified as a group 1 carcinogen by the International Agencies on Research of Cancer. It contains serious health issues and can also cause breast cancer in women. International countries including Hong Kong and Singapore have already banned the usage of this masala.

According to EPH ethylene oxide is rich in carcinogenic properties as it contain pesticides. This is done to prevent microbial contamination in species however the percentage of this chemical in the MDH’s Madras curry powder, sambhar masala and EVEREST fish curry masala is beyond the permissible limits. Excess of Ethylene oxide in spices causes the risk of breast cancer and also damages DNA, the brain and the nervous system. Even exposure to ethylene oxide can irritate the eyes, skin, and respiratory tract. Long-term exposure may lead to more severe health issues, including cancer, reproductive disorders, and neurological effects.

Between 2020 and 2024 European Union food safety authority has already banned 525 Indian products due to the presence of the same chemical ethylene oxide which is a group 1 carcinogen. Many Indian food products majority of masala for which India is famous are banned in almost many international countries due to harmful chemicals found during the research. Its presence in food is regulated by food safety authorities due to its potential health risks.

According to a report by Hindustan Times, the CFS informed vendors about the irregularities and instructed them to stop their sales and remove the products from the shelves

MDH hasn’t responded to the controversies yet however, Everest Food Products has responded to the controversy, saying their spices have not been banned in Hong Kong and Singapore however only one of their sixty products has been held for examination. They stated their product is safe to use without any side effects.

The Spices Board and (FSSAI) the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India began routine sampling, yet no statements about spice quality have been issued by these or any other government agencies. However, Uttarakhand State Commissioner of Food Safety Dr R Rajesh Kumar has given instructions to test all food spices manufactured in Uttarakhand.

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