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Health and it’s Effects.

Health does not simply means absence of diseases or disorder. health is defined as a state of body where there is a balance between certain fluid. A person can only be healthy if his physical, mental, emotional as well as physiological health is good. Good health engage people to be more productive in their daily activity , to achieve some goals and to perform good in life.

Health can be affected due to genetic problem, lifestyle, environment, the place we live as well as socio-economic status. Maintenance of good health required proper balanced diet, proper exercise, adequate sleep and stress free environment. Health does not only affect physically but also mentally. Physical health refers to the proper
functioning of the body as well as performing daily activity without any limitation. It involts maintaining regular, exercises proper balanced diet, and getting regular medical checkup. Mental health refers to the emotional physiological as well as social wellbeing. The ability to manage stress cope with problems shows how mentally strong a person is. Mental health is one of the most neglited issues one faces. Social health refers to the ability to form friendly environment, interact with others performance social activities. It involves social interactions and communications. Emotional health refers to the emotions of person carry whether in the form of love affection etc.

Achieving good health requires holistic approach and taking proper care of themselves as well as the environment they are living to prevent any disease.

There are thousands of disease which are known and thousands which are unknown however most of the diseases have cure if under proper guidance. Some of the most common diseases which are caused in almost menu of the household are mainly due to the environment we are living. There are many diseases which are caused due to
genetic issues and some of them due to the sedentary lifestyle we prefer to live in. Tobacco is one of the most disease causing which is most common in youngster nowadays which are causing cancer at a very high rate. It can cause many cardiovascular disease, cancer, respiratory diseases etc.

Some the diseases can be early predicted and can be treated without any problems under proper guidance but there are many diseases which cannot be completely cured. However if we choose not to follow the sedetary lifestyle and if we clean our environment there we live properly will help us to dodge certain diseases. There are
many governmental, non-govermental programs held for raising the highlights on health and diseases. And there are many medical checkup camps done free in different places for the person in need.

Treatment option for various depend on the specific condition and severity. There are many private and government hospitals and clinic opened in almost every areas to perform daily check up for the person in need so that everyone should stay healthy because being healthy is for more important than anything else as the quote says
“health is wealth” .

Health has a huge in fact on person’s life and it affect the persons daily routine and activity. Good health enables person to carry out daily task such as cooking ,cleaning and following the basic routine without any limitation mean while poor health can limit or hinder these activity. Health directly influence a person’s ability to perform effectively
at work. Good health and enhance productivity and gives jobs satisfaction mean while poor health and decrease productivity self esteem and potential job loss. Good health allowed indivisual to engage in physical activities and exercise regularly and to maintain the overall well being mean by poor health restricted prevent participation in physical activities leading to sedentary lifestyle and associated health risks. 

Health and even influence dietary choices and eating habit good health often lead to healthy food choices mean by poor health can lead to poor dietary habits which will give nutritional deficiencies. physical and mental health signifies them that on sleep quality and patterns. Good health promote restful sleep while poor health can give sleep disturbance, insomnia and fatigue. Health and even affect in participation in social activities good health enable individual to engage in social event hobbies and recreational activity mean while poor health attract people toward sedentary lifestyle. Physical health is closely linked to emotional well being and mood. good health promote positive emotions happiness mean while bad his promote negative emotions and anger. Overall the impact of welcome daily life is affecting nearly every aspect of an individuals routine activity and overall well being.

Several recent research and development are seen in health sector that have been observed which focuses on the advancement in technology , medicine and mental health. Most importantly COVID 19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of telehealth and digital health platforms these technology allows patient to consult with healthcare
remotedly improving access to care and reducing healthcare cost. Advancement engineers and molecular biology have lead to the development of personalized medicine approaches based on an individual genetic makeup life style and environment. Most importantly there is a growing awareness of the importance of mental health

leading to increase access to mental health services, online therapy platforms and digital mental healthcare. Just like this there a thousands of programs and trends which is helping everybody to stay healthy through various sources. The innovation in the health sector aims to improve healthcare quality accessibility and outcomes for individual globally.

Overall health is a vital component of well being a passing physical mental and social aspect. good health enable individual to perform daily activity and maintain productivity engage and physical and social activity and enjoying a higher quality of life. Rescent development in the health care sector focuses and their advancement of technology,
personalized medicines, mental health awareness ,Digital solution and global health aim into improve healthcare quality and outcomes globally.

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