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Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. It is also considered as the most holistic month for Muslim worldwide. It is the time when all the Muslims fast and pray the most. The fasting during Ramadan requires absence of any food, drink, or any other physical need from the Sunrise (fajr) to the sunset (magrib). This intend to promote spiritual growth. It is also a time for increased devotion of prayer, recitation of Quran act of charity etc. Ramzan holder deep spiritual meaning for Muslim as it is a time of purification and forgiveness from all these sins.

During Ramzan fasting in world absence of cold water or any other physical need from this Sunrise to the sunset but before making of fast all the Muslim have to make a sincere intention to fast for the sake of Allah this is important at it determine the sincerity. All the Muslim have to wake up before this sunrise to have a meal known as suhoor. This meal is eaten to have the energy throughout the day. After this they retain themselves from having any food or any drink through out the day. Fasting does not only means restraining themselves from food or water but also being spiritual throughout the day. This is the time for Muslim to ask for forgiveness and you purify themselves from all these sins they have done throughout the year. After sunset they have iftaar.


Spiritual reflection also please a very important role in Ramadan. All the Muslims start each day of fasting by renewing their attention of fasting for the sake of Allah Ramzan give the sense of gratitude for all the basic necessity is like food water it encouraged to reflect on their blessings and mercy. It is a time for seeking forgiveness from all the past mistakes this is known as repentance which is an essential aspect of spiritual growth. Muslims engage in various activities of prayers and rememberance of Allah which include recitation of Quran which is the holy book of Muslim. It also encourage Muslim to give charity and engage in act of kindness.


This whole month is disturbed in three parts and each of them holds a totally different meaning. The first 10 days signifies mercy from Allah. It is the time when Muslim seeks mercy and forgiveness from Allah for all the past sins they did. They engage in workship and strive to do good deeds. The next 10 days are often known for days of forgiveness. During these days the Muslim focus on seeking forgiveness from past sins. They try to strengthen relationship from Allah through prayer, charity and act of kindness. Then the last 10 days are very significant as they include Laylat-ul-Qadr or the night of decree which was believed to be the night when Quran was firstly revealed to prophet Muhammad. These days are characterised by intense prayer and seeking devotion from Allah.Muslims strive to increase their worship during this time, seeking blessings and forgiveness, and hoping to attain the rewards of Laylat al-Qadr, which is considered better than a thousand months of worship.



Ramzan is not only rich in religious observancr but also cultural tradition which include iftar gathering your family and friends come together to share this special meal. Different region have their own traditional food and beverages popular for Ramadan as dates are commonly eated to break the fast as it has high nutritional value. In many place take markets and vendors comes alive during the night of Ramadan. There is a huge gathering which include wide varieties of clothes, foods, sweets etc. the night market of Ramadan is full of crowd happily enjoying their day. the night taraweeh prayed throughout the Ramadan in the Masjid is also one of the cultural traditional which include recitation of long portions of Quran for a spiritual connections in workship. Ramadan is also time for increase charity giving and act of kindness award those who are in need.


After this one month of fasting all the Muslim people celebrate eid ul fitr which is the biggest festival of Muslim which bring a lot of happiness in one’s house. Ramadan present both challenge and reward for Muslims like fasting from Sunrise to sunset can be challenging specially in the area with high temperature. Balancing work and worksheet can also be a great deal since balancing the demand of work school etc with the addition of spiritual activity can be a little challenging. Finding a time for workship with productivity can require planning and management. At the same time there is many rewards for the Muslim who passed during the time of Ramadan which include forgiveness from all the sins. It also increase spiritual growth which is one of the greatest reward for Muslims


Dispite of all the challenges these rewards in Ramadan which is for both in life and hereafter the great source of motivation and inspiration for Muslim people to observe and seek blessing in this month with devotion and gratitude.

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